Apply lipstick effect? Lipstick factory tell you apply lipstick right posture

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-10-21
Lipstick cosmetics factory factory tell you
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all want to own the skin

to keep water drink, of course, is inseparable from the apply lipstick!

for many delicate little sister once the skin becomes dry

apply a lipstick moments can make skin water embellish up

but apply lipstick is also have certain skills well

is not a tear lipstick bag to face directly the

this is why often have little sister complain
I bought expensive lipstick when
but is reach to the skin effect of

the right steps apply lipstick

today cosmetics factory lipstick manufacturers came to discuss the
apply lipstick right step

1 clean facial ministry skin

makeup or apply lipstick, you must have been the first step to wash face, so that the skin can absorb the nutrients in the follow-up skin care products more efficiently.

so, before apply lipstick, the first thing to do is clean facial skin, if necessary, can also be appropriate to the cutin, keep pores smooth.

at the same time, before apply lipstick to beat some toner, can have the effect of secondary cleaning, also can let pore filling up, in favor of the absorption of the essence of lipstick oh ~

2 test skin sensitive

for sensitive little sister of muscle, skin care is a boring thing, but they are likely to cause skin allergy symptoms.

so not all of the lipstick is fit for your skin, for sensitive muscle little sister, more can't ignore this step test sensitivity.

can be a little lipstick in essence, on the back of hand or ears, after waiting for 30 minutes, if did not appear the phenomenon of red itchy tingling, you can rest assured use.

3 made wet hot towel apply

there are many such little sister when apply lipstick, a tear lipstick immediately after washing a face to face, actually this kind of practice is wrong.

before apply lipstick after washing a face, should first wet with hot towel apply is in facial ministry for 3 minutes, and then throughout the facial massage 3 ~ 5 minutes, do it not only can help open the pores, and conducive to the follow-up nutrition absorption.

4 methods when apply lipstick

lipstick is divided into the patch type, cream type, mud type and gel type, etc. Apply the patch type lipstick is the most simple, is also a lot of little sister often apply lipstick. Centered on the bridge of the nose to four weeks away, leaving no gaps can be on the tile.

after being stripped lipstick paper, pat face to massage, can promote skin counterpart red essence absorption, so as to better apply the lipstick effect.

5 tear lipstick

after apply lipstick, tear lipstick posture also is to have cultured very much, should begin from the edge of the film, peel off gradually from bottom to top.

also apply lipstick also shoulds not be too long, 15 ~ 20 minutes is enough, otherwise easy to cause the absorption, bring burden to the skin.

6 locks in moisture in time,

after apply lipstick, remember to use a clean, warm water, lipstick residue will face clean, again with cold towel apply face for a moment, make the pores shrink.

to make the inside of the lipstick essence is absorbed fully penetrate to need further lock water moisture, then can then daub skin care lotion or cream at ordinary times!

the above share these
is to apply the lipstick right step

all you get to it

actually apply lipstick is also want to pay attention to methods of

only to master the correct methods apply lipstick
can achieve twice the result with half the effort

otherwise apply to your lipstick is also a kind of waste

skin care is in,
don't care much more with a lot of your
but must be suitable for your skin
can more effectively improve the skin question
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