all natural cosmetics and makeup: the best organic beauty products

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-14
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All natural cosmetics, eye shadow, mascaras, foundation and other beauty products are perfect for your body and environment.
All natural cosmetics are becoming more and more popular in the global market, because they not only make you satisfied with other kinds of cosmetics and beauty products, but they also reduce the risk of harmful effects of synthetic beauty products on the skin and the body.
All natural cosmetics are guaranteed to make you look the best without giving you any reason to regret the product you purchased.
Because we all live in a very fast
A fast-paced, stressful environment and this lifestyle forces us to ignore our appearance, mainly because of a lack of time or energy.
In this way, when our bodies react to stress, our beauty deteriorates.
All natural cosmetics will help make you look and feel better, and they will save you time and effort to use even if you turn a few heads occasionally.
Our looks are an aspect that everyone values very much, because it determines how we behave in the outside world when we go to school or work.
While some of us want to look as great as possible every time, others find makeup difficult because it has some side effects on the skin.
All natural cosmetics can solve this problem.
You must be careful when choosing and purchasing all natural cosmetics in any market or store.
Although all natural cosmetics are very beneficial to you, they can also cause you more damage when fake cosmetics do more damage than expected.
Here are some tips to help you choose.
First, look for USDA certified organic cosmetic seals while browsing the shelves of all natural cosmetics that meet the requirements.
When the product has this seal, it indicates that it is made of 95% or more organic material.
Any product made of less than 95% organic material will not be certified by the USDA.
If the packaging of the cosmetic is not sealed, then check its composition.
You will notice that the content of the makeup is the quantity, usually the percentage.
Do you see how many organic ingredients are listed? If the cosmetic claims that it is natural but does not even mention it on the main level, it may mean that the cosmetic contains less than 70% of the natural material.
In this case, you are not encouraged to buy this product because, as mentioned earlier, it is likely to do more harm than good to you.
Finally, find out what substances you should avoid in your makeup.
For example, the preservative parabens, which is very common in cosmetics, can cause serious skin irritation.
Another substance that is very harmful to the skin is sodium laurate, which is common in cosmetics and soap.
Some of the other synthetic substances that should be avoided at all costs when purchasing natural cosmetics are as follows: micdaozyl urea and diozyl urea, which are preservatives that stimulate the skin;
Known for extending the shelf life of cosmetics and other beauty products, methyl, propylene, butyl, parab gold acetate;
Products made of petroleum, such as Vaseline, usually present in lip protection products, interfere with and hinder the moisturizing mechanism of the body, resulting in dry lips;
A kind of moisture-propylene alcohol
Substances that stimulate the skin in cosmetics;
PVP/VA polymer is a waterproof component in sunscreen, mascara and lipstick;
Synthetic flavor;
It can adjust the pH value of beauty products and cause dry skin.
If you think natural cosmetics are limited to professional cosmetic manufacturers only then you are wrong.
You can make up yourself.
All you need is wax, cream base, minerals on Earth
Essential oils and essential oils.
You can also choose organic products such as avocado, lemon, vanilla extract, olive oil or crushed herbs.
All of this can be found in organic food stores and even cosmetics suppliers.
You can also make a moisturizing body cream with natural ingredients.
This time you need unrefined cocoa butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, macadamia nut oil, virgin olive oil, beeswax, vanilla sesame oil, vitamin E and corn starch.
In addition to vanilla sesame oil, vitamin E and corn starch, heat all the ingredients together.
Stir frequently while letting the mixture cool, then freeze for about three minutes.
After that, stir the mixture using an electric beating machine until it becomes light and fluffy.
Then add corn starch, vitamin E and vanilla oil and stir for a few more minutes.
When all this is done, store the mixture in a glass jar.
Keep the mixture safely for at least 3 days for the perfect benefit of the ingredients.
If you are under too much pressure to produce on your own, all natural cosmetics are cheap and all natural cosmetics can also be purchased on the market.
Since all natural cosmetics are generally beauty and skin care products made from organic plant materials, these products are more expensive than those sold commercially.
This is because most natural cosmetics are produced by small industries with less labor, so the manufacturing process is more cumbersome.
Most of the processes are done manually, not by large equipment in the factory.
All natural cosmetics will not only make you look chic, but will not bring you side effects.
So you should seriously consider using all the natural cosmetics.
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