a step by step guide to sexy smokey eye makeup

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-19
No eye makeup is more sexy than a smokey eye.
The good news is that Smokey\'s eyes are easy to make up and look perfect.
Our step-by-step guide shows you how to have a sexy, smoldering smoky eye makeup in just a few minutes.
Step 1: Select your eyeshadow color.
Of course, the traditional smoky eye makeup color is black or gray.
You are not limited to these color choices, however, and you can also use less intense colors such as: purple, chocolate, coffee, dark pink, copper, dark green, dark blue or purple.
Keep in mind that when choosing the eyeshadow tone, you should choose the color, remember your eye color, hair color and skin color, not the color of the clothes you wear.
For smokey eye makeup, you need to choose a coordinated eye shadow of 2 colors.
The feature color is darker and the support color is lighter.
What color is eye shadow best for blue eyes?
For blue eyes, eye shadow in purple, purple or dark blue looks great in addition to black or gray.
Especially the dark blue eye shadow as it will be darker than your eyes and will highlight your blue eyes.
What color is eye shadow best for green or light brown eyes?
For green or light brown eyes, try dark yellow, dark green, brown, purple or plum eye shadow in addition to black or gray.
What color is eye shadow best for brown eyes?
For Brown eyes, copper, coffee and Brown will give you a lot of smoky eye effects, except in black or gray.
Once you have selected your feature eyeshadow color, you will need to choose your support eyeshadow color.
If you prefer to use a single eyeshadow instead of a color-coordinated duo or triple eyeshadow, choose a light eye shadow that matches your characteristic eyeshadow color.
For a soft and delicate look, the colors available are: Lilac, light peach, champagne, Tan, nude or sand.
For a more dramatic high contrast look, you can use white eyeshadow.
Use a powdery eye shadow.
Do not use eye shadow with creamy texture as they are more difficult to apply and mix.
Step 2: Select your eyeliner.
Choose a soft eyeliner with the same or complementary color as your feature eyeshadow.
Choose a foundation eyeliner if possible.
They are easier to mix and can sometimes be easily mixed with a sponge tip.
Eye makeup tips: Don\'t use liquid eyeliner.
The liquid eyeliner is more suitable for the eyeliner with clearer lines than the soft and sultry eyeliner.
Step 3: apply your foundation.
Usually, you apply the full foundation before applying eye makeup.
This is not the case when making smoked eye makeup.
You should apply eye makeup first so that if you have some eye shadow on your face, you will not ruin your foundation.
It also helps to avoid having raccoon\'s eyes under your eyes.
For a smoother eye shadow application, the duration is longer, but you do want to first apply a thin layer of foundation on your eyelids, and then apply a thin layer of facial powder to lay the foundation.
This will provide a clean canvas for your eyeshadow and will also help to prevent the eyeshadow from wrinkled.
This will also provide you with more uniform and accurate eye shadow applications.
Step 4: apply your eyeliner.
Use the eyeliner pen on the upper and lower edge lines of the eye.
Usually you will use a black or charcoal eyeliner, but you can also use a dark eyeliner that matches your characteristic eyeshadow color.
Make sure to enter the eyelash line itself (
Close to the root of your lashes).
Be sure to fill any gaps between lashes.
Start with a thin line from the inner corner of the eye.
When you go out to the corner of your eye, the lines get heavier.
If you have any hard lines using heavy eyeliner, you\'ll want to stain the line a little so it\'s softer and doesn\'t look that rough.
This step is made easier by applying with a powder eyeliner with a built-in sponge tip.
Light makeup tip: dark trend makes small eyes look smaller.
You can open your eyes by starting from the middle of the bottom lash line, not the inner corner, and then going to the outer corner of your eyes.
If your eyes are not too small, feel free to apply eyeliner from the corner to the corner.
Step 5 of Smokey eye makeup guide: apply your support eye shadow color to your eyelids using a larger eye shadow brush until the bottom of your eyebrows.
Now, use your feature eyeshadow color and your little eyeshadow brush to apply your dark feature eyeshadow to the eyeliner and then mix it up to the crease of the eyelid.
When mixing your characteristic eyeshadow, keep as much color intensity as possible along the lash line, especially at the outer corner of the eye.
Smoke eye makeup tip: remember to apply and mix so that eyeliner and eye shadow can be seamlessly combined.
Smokey eye makeup guide Step 6: apply your mascaraSmokey eye makeup tip: Curl your lashes before applying mascara, which will open your eyes.
Apply 2 or 3 layers of black mascara and apply mascara to a thin coat to avoid lumps.
Smoke eye makeup guide Step 7: Finish your smoke eye makeup look finish your foundation be careful not to mess up your beautiful smoke eye makeup.
Keeping your lips neutral will have a real impact on the smoky eyes.
Use a flesh-colored lip pen and a lipstick or lip gloss in pink or caramel tones to give your lips a subtle gloss.
For eyebrows, you can use a normal eyebrow pencil.
You can also supplement your smoke eyes with a darker color than the normal color.
Just apply the Rose or tan blush to the Apple on the cheek and blend the edges into the hair line.
This ends your face and does not compete with your glistening smoke eyes.
Enjoy your sexy, smoldering smoke makeup!
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