a step-by-step guide on mastering the easiest halloween skeleton makeup

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-24
Baltimore is allowed-not highlighted through YouTube tutorials
Lexi Martinez, a professional makeup artist, reminds us that one does not need to be a complete person
Blow Michelle Angelo type master cool Halloween face paint.
Here\'s her guide to mastering skeleton facial makeup like a professional.
What do you need: white cream makeup, black cream makeup, black eye shadow, black glue eyeliner, eyeliner, black pencil eyeliner, foundation brush (
Or makeup sponge)
Translucent shaping powder (or baby powder)
Cover the conce brush, paint 1.
White face: Apply white cream makeup evenly on the whole face with a foundation brush, except around the eyes.
Use the powder brush to slide the translucent set powder on the cosmetics. 2.
Eye socket: use a cover brush and black cream makeup to draw a curve directly on one eyebrow.
Extend the curve below the eye to the cheekbone, then extend up to connect the circle.
Fill in areas including eyelids.
Apply black eyeshadow on black cream with eye shadow brush.
Line eye with black pencil lining.
Repeat on the other eye. 3.
Nasal cavity: draw a M shape on the bridge of the nose with eyeliner and gel eyeliner.
Draw a curve around the nostrils connecting the M-shaped ends.
Fill the nose with gel eyeliner. 4.
Mouth: use eyeliner brush and gel eyeliner to draw vertical lines on the upper lip to make teeth.
Continue drawing lines along the lips.
Repeat with a matching line on the lower lip.
Use the eyeliner brush to bypass the ends where the lines intersect, create the tooth shape and gently apply the lines to give the tooth size. 5.
Eyebrow expression line: use gel eyeliner and eyeliner brush to make a vertical wiggle ang shape above the inner eyebrow.
Apply the area next to each row directly above each eye to create the dimension. 6.
Temples: at the natural temples, use gel eyeliner and eyeliner to draw an L shape at the line.
Apply shape for size.
Repeat on the other side. 7.
Chin: use eyeliner and gel eyeliner to draw a horn shape on the cheek, starting next to one ear and opening in a painted place --on teeth.
Fill in the shape.
Repeat on the other side.
Also, follow the career tips from Martinez to relieve stress
Free Halloween: good brand to use drama makeup.
Ben nai is recommended by Martinez.
\"In terms of durability and the way they are used, they are one of the top products for theater makeup,\" she said . \".
\"They don\'t crack or dry on the skin.
They cost only $7, so you won\'t spend too much for the quality you get.
Buy yourself a cheap brush set.
\"Especially if you decide to use a cheaper [version]makeup]
Product, having the right brush can be more important than [if not]the makeup].
\"Also, you don\'t want to get dirty with the brushes you use for your daily makeup.
Martinez recommends the starter brush kit for ecotools.
If you want to sweat, bring the powder.
Translucent makeup powder is the key to keeping makeup applied --proof.
\"If you notice that the makeup is shiny or greasy, use a translucent styling powder with a powder brush or puff, gently press or dust the powder in any non-dry place, Martinez said.
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