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4 great ways to draw beautiful eye makeup

by:Beauty Spirit     2021-03-24

The eyes are the windows of the soul and the finishing touch of the entire makeup. So, how to draw eyeshadow? Here are 4 great tips for you to make beautiful eye makeup in 30 seconds. Let’s learn together.

How to draw eyeshadow?
1. If you want eye makeup to be more durable and color development, remember to apply EyeBase primer before applying eye shadow, so that you are not afraid that the eye shadow is easy to dissolve, and it will be easy to color and last when you apply eye shadow.

2. If there is edema that day or the face is naturally swollen, you should apply brown eye shadow that enhances the contour effect to avoid more obvious eyelid swelling.

3. Novices want to paint gradient eye shadow to enhance the three-dimensional effect of eye makeup. The texture of eye shadow is also very important. If you use eye shadow cream to rub it back and forth, it will become muddy and out of bounds. It is recommended to use eye shadow powder. The texture is dry and easy to apply and difficult to remove. .

4. If you want to apply some finer eye makeup, it is recommended to use an eye shadow brush and a gradual eye shadow color, avoid using eye shadow on the fingertips, because the finger range is large, it will be easier to dissolve out of bounds when falling on the eyelids.

Eyeshadow color matching
Single or multi-color matching

Pure orange or peach blossom red are very beautiful and full colors, which are very suitable for spring and summer. A single tone can not only highlight the smart look of the eyes, but also have the effect of abundance and not monotony. Matching a variety of colors will give you a sense of hierarchy. Focus on using different colors around the eyes to highlight the different characteristics, and the beauty is low-key and generous.

Three colors match

Among the three colors, a darker color is used as the base color, and a thicker or shimmering color is matched with another slightly lighter color of the same color. The perfect three-color eye shadow color scheme is successful. These colors are also very layered, and they are more flexible and convenient to use. The important thing is that they are all beautiful.

Four colors match

The four-color eye shadow color scheme follows the idea of ??matching three colors. You can add a more shiny or elegant color of the same color to a darker background as a gradient, or you can add a lighter color to the color module. With eyeshadow, the sense of richness and layering is greatly enhanced.

I read an article like this a few days ago. The 12-year-old girl has been wearing makeup for 6 years. In this age of looking at beauty, do you know how to put on makeup? Do you know why you first painted eyeshadow for eye makeup? Eyes are a person's soul window. Its makeup is delicate but not easy to make. Today, the editor of the popular cosmetics China Merchants website will share with you how to paint eye makeup.

Some people say that I often put on makeup, but why does it look a little old? So when you put on eye makeup, do you apply eye shadow first or eyeliner first?

Why do you apply eye shadow first?
When applying eye makeup, conceal the blemish first to ensure that the base makeup of the skin around the eyes is compliant and will not cause the eyeshadow to appear powdery. The next step is to apply eyeshadow first.

1. Why do you need to apply eye shadow for eye makeup? Because the eye shadow needs to be blended, if you draw the eyeliner first, it is easy to blur the already drawn eyeliner, so be sure to apply the eye shadow first.

2. First, use a light-colored eye shadow to base on the eyelid, then apply a light layer of brown eye shadow on the wrinkled position of the upper eyelid, and spread it out gently to show the layering.

3. After the base makeup of the eye makeup is finished, use a darker eye shadow to cover the eyelids to faint, use a makeup brush to dip the eye shadow on the end of the eye to deepen the color, and then add brown eye shadow to smudge on the double eyelid Above, the layering is smudged from the inside to the outside, and it looks more natural and beautiful.

4. If you want to make your eyes look more energetic, you can also use a pearl pen to apply twice on the middle of the eyelid and the inner corner of the lower eyelid to enhance the pearlescent effect.

How to paint eye makeup
Eye makeup is mainly divided into two parts: eyeliner and eye shadow.

1. Eyeliner

Single eyelid & inner double eyelid eyeliner drawing

1. Draw the eyeliner against the roots of the eyelashes

Lift your eyelids up a little with your fingers, and then look down in the mirror to draw the picture. In addition, do not choose liquid eyeliner pen, the pen tip is too soft and easy to poke the eyes.

2. Properly outline the shape at the corner of the eye

After drawing proficiently, there will be the effect of opening the corners of the eyes. The eyes instantly doubled!

3. Properly elongate the end of the eye

Whether the end of the eye is going up or down, everyone depends on the direction of the end of the eye.

Double eyelid eyeliner drawing

For the beauties with double eyelids, it is very happy, because how to draw can not be too wrong, the following are six common eyeliner drawing methods, you can choose according to your own preferences and eye shape, and after the eyeliner is drawn, Use a cotton swab to modify the edges to make the entire eyeline more natural.

Second, the eye shadow part

Single eyelid & inner double eyeshadow coating method

The method of applying single-color eyeshadow is actually very simple. Just apply a small amount on the eyelid several times. Whether you use your fingers or a makeup brush, remember to smudge the edges with a clean finger/brush after applying the color. In addition, it can also be aggravated from bottom to top. For the part near the eyelashes, you can spread a few more layers to accentuate the color. The farther away from the eyelashes, just spread one layer lightly, so that the monochromatic eyeshadow is also layered!

Multi-color eyeshadow painting

1. Choose a lighter color for the base, pearlescent or matte, depending on your preference~ the range is the entire eyelid.

2. Use a darker eyeliner color to draw near the root of the eyelashes, and remember to smudge with a clean brush after drawing.

3. Use a medium-sized eyeshadow brush to smudge slightly to increase the amount of the end of the eye.

4. After finishing the eyeshadow, blend it with a blending brush.
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