3d-printed lipstick applicator means perfect makeup every time

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-06
Googleimages/Getty Images3D printing is an important area of revolutionary almost every field
Including those you might not think of right away.
Researchers in the United StatesK.
The cosmetics science team at London Fashion Institute has been exploring the use of additive manufacturing in a whole new industry and application: makeup. In a newly-
They published a study in the Journal of Dermatology and beauty, describing the use of 3D printing to make personalized makeup, and more specifically, lipstick.
This work includes 3DScan and 3D
Printing technology for the production of a lipstick applicator that perfectly matches the wearer\'s lips, which means no need to use a mirror again.
\"The first step is to get high
To obtain a digital image, a high quality scan of the personal lips, \"Dr.
Milica Stevic, one of the project\'s leading researchers, told Digital Trends.
\"Then, regardless of the type of lip, this image is optimized and further modeled, a simple, direct and generic process.
So, one or three-
Obtain the digital model of the components: lipstick base, mold and cover, and make it using a 3D printer.
Then pour the lipstick formula into the mold and adjust the lipstick base to the top.
The inside of the mold has a unique shape that perfectly matches the profile of the individual lips, so the final product obtained is a personalized lipstick.
\"We have written about 3D printing in fashion before, especially in 3D printing --
Print the garment assembly to produce a refined fashion concept that is not possible in any other way.
Ideas for creating customizable makeup using 3D printing-
Whether in terms of tone and finish or in the process of application --
It\'s new to us.
That makes sense, too.
If 3D printing can be used to produce other consumer goods such as custom candy, why can\'t it also be used to disrupt the beauty industry worth $445 billion?
\"With a personalized lipstick applicator, we have proven the concept, so now we are working on a more complex model that is more likely to be commercialized,\" Stevic said . \".
\"Personalized cosmetics are able to treat every consumer individually and give them the option to participate in creating their own products.
\"Right now, all we need is a cosmetics company that is interested in technology and has invested a lot of money in achieving a makeup 3D printer.
L \'Oreal, your action!
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