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25 beauty book gifts for that one friend who already owns a bunch of makeup

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-11
For beauty lovers in your life, buying makeup and skincare gifts is our first choice --to.
But instead of giving them something they might already have, why not put more ideas on your gift?
Satisfy any beauty lover\'s fascination with makeup, hair and skin care with a book that breaks all the ins and outs of beauty.
From DIY recipes to advice from some of the most influential people in the industry, there are a lot of books to meet the biggest makeup enthusiasts you know.
They may not be able to put it on their faces, but they will certainly learn one or two things.
Give them a gift of beauty knowledge this year, and we promise they will like one (or a few)
These books are just as many as the 50 makeup palettes you can add to their collection. 1.
Simple and natural soap making: Make 100% pure and beautiful soaps with simple recipes and techniques from nerd farm wife for $14, January.
This will be a great gift for beauty lovers who love DIY in your life, especially natural beauty. 2.
The skin of the Bee Shapiro is deep, $19.
49 for friends who like to know the beauty secrets of celebrities, this book shares every detail.
From Kylie Jenner to Martha Stewart, this book has everything you need. 3.
Glow: Natalia Noyman\'s nutritional approach to natural beautiful skin, $13.
59 for health-
Conscious friend, this book uses a nutritional approach to make the skin shine. 4.
Kevin o\'cowen, $11, moves forward.
64 for friends who appreciate full-
On glam, the book is the ultimate guide and wants to be a makeup artist. 5.
$12 Kevin o\'cowen\'s make a face.
The aspiring beauty master in your life has nothing but to appreciate this cover --to-
The cover book is full of professional makeup tips from later on (and legendary)
Kevin o\'ko makeup artist. 6.
Classic beauty: The makeup history of Gabriela Hernández, $38.
The beauty nerd or retro friend in your life will love this book, it\'s a timeline for all the beautiful things.
From the trend of the times to the beautiful secrets of ancient times, this book is great for curious people. 7.
The makeup manual from Bobbi Brown, $16.
73 This Makeup Manual is the ultimate guide for novices and professionals.
This book has everything from skin care solutions to makeup applications. 8.
Your beautiful logo, Dita Von Teese\'s ultimate guide to quirky glamour, $26.
49 do you know someone who is a little \"extra\" in the beauty department?
The book is a perfect read. 9.
Mathilde Thomas\'s French beauty solution, $19.
In this book, Mathilde Thomas, founder of Caudalie, shares the beauty tips she learned when she grew up in France.
Also, these are the foundations of Caudalie, so what is this saying. 10.
Charlotte Joe\'s little skin care book, $13. 74 K-
Beauty is the biggest skincare trend at the moment, and if your girlfriends want to change their daily lives, this book is exactly what doctors order. 11.
WAH Nail Book for Girls in the city center: nail art style bible by sharmadean Reid, $14.
Do your friends like beauty bargains?
If so, don\'t look again.
The book offers everything you need to feel and look like champagne in your orange juice budget. 12. Perfumes: A-
A guided tour of Luka Torino and Tania Sanchez for $18.
96 perfume lovers will love to read the details of hundreds of perfumes.
Let their nose rest and let them turn over this. 13.
The creative manual of Lisa PorterDixon, $16.
15 for friends who need or want to know everything, the makeup manual breaks everything down. 14.
\"Confident Woman\" by Trish McEvoy, $18.
Immerse the people closest to you in this book and show the hidden power of makeup. 15.
Slow beauty: $15 ritual and recipe for Shel Pink nourishing the body and nourishing the soul.
Meet a beauty lover who also appreciates a little selfhelp?
Two birds must be killed by a slow beauty stone. 16.
Rebellious beauty: $20 Nadine Artemis reveals and restores your natural radiation.
For health-
Conscious friends want to simplify their self.
The book will take them through everything. 17.
Rejuvanessence: step by stepby-
A step-by-step guide to eternal health and beauty, Gazeta Loughran, $2.
Who doesn\'t want to go to the youth fountain these days?
The beauty for you
The gift of endless life of loving friends (
At least in terms of skin)with this read. 18.
Makeup: Michelle Pan\'s Guide to Your Beautiful, style and successful life, $20.
85 any aspiring beauty influencer can appreciate these tips from people who dream and live. 19.
Make up your mind: Express Yourself by Francois Nales, $30.
80 makeup is a form of selfexpression.
That being said, your self
Expressive friends will love you for giving him/her this book. 20.
The beauty of color by Iman, $28.
96 skin is not the same.
A gift for the knowledge of the Queen of melanin in your life, written by the Queen herself. 21.
Lauren Conrad Beauty, $12.
You will feel good when you look good.
Help them navigate by giving away Lauren Conrad beauty and helping a friend who lives in this philosophy. 22.
Very iconic: Sali Hughes personally watches beauty products that change the world for $20.
A friend who stayed up lateto-
Dating the most fashionable beauty products?
Satisfy their appetite. 23.
Temptation: The Confession of beauty editor by Linda Wells, $10.
52 know that an inspiring beauty editor might appreciate this life?
Linda Wells has the scoop they need. 24.
Sephora: The ultimate guide on makeup, skin and hair in beauty authority, written by Melissa Schweig, for $23.
73 This is for a friend of Sephora vibb ruges in your life.
If you give them this book created by the beauty agency itself, they will be ecstatic. 25.
Hello Glow: Stephanie Cooper has prepared 150 simple natural beauty recipes for the brand new you for $11.
59 imagine it as a beautiful \"recipe\" that your DIY enthusiasts will enjoy \".
These recipes will certainly keep them busy all year round.
With so many great books, it\'s hard to find books that suit the beautiful lovers in your life.
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