20 years experience in cosmetics generation processing, tell you the growth of large chain salon secrets!

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-02
Cosmetics factory 20 years to do the processing to have cooperation with many beauty salon, including the large chain of beauty salons. Have a plenty of large chain salon to see our product effect for up to clinch a deal, also has a lot of cooperation from a small beauty salon and cosmetics factory, after grow up together into a large chain of beauty salon. Today, cosmetics factory co-packer as a cooperation with hundreds of beauty salon manufacturers, tell you how large chain salon grown up from a small shop!

1。 Sunrise industry market trends
the beauty industry is known as the industry and even called it after the real estate, automobile, electronic communications, tourism & other; The fifth-largest consumer hot spots throughout the &; 。 The beauty industry current development in China has a history of more than 30 years, still belongs to the growth period. In the chaoyang industry, beauty salons in but in dongfeng grow up step by step, so the first choice for the industry is half the battle.

2。 Services more
from simple skin beauty industry to set beauty, hairdressing, plastic, such as health care integration of integrated industrial chain. With the improvement of residents' income and aesthetic, health awareness, consumer demand hairdressing showed a trend of specialization and differentiation. Every time on the one hand, consumers accept beauty services may only to solve one problem, such as whitening, nail, anti-aging, spot, and so on, needs the specialization and differentiation of the increasing frequencies of consumption. Consumers to accept beauty salon, on the other hand, consumer also gradually from low to high order, beauty of life demand is plural, anti-aging, skin care, hairdressing health care function to extension life hairdressing health care function is increasingly valued, which requires the beauty parlor to have corresponding services and improve their professional degrees.
3。 High degree of professional
professional degree mainly embodied in techniques and products. One of the most important is the product. Because beauty salon is belong to the professional line, strong customer demand corresponding requirement is high, if the product match technique can not meet the corresponding effect then lose repeat business, and good reputation, can rapid investment promotion to join.

cosmetics factory series beauty salon boxes ( Section)
4。 Find good cosmetic products processing factory cooperation
so the key is to look for good cosmetics co-packer, looking for a real strength of skilled, there are many many factories may stunt products, but not certification, consumers have no effect the effect quickly but do more sensitive customers also do not recognise easily, so be sure to choose experienced have actual strength of research and development products.

cosmetics factory co-packer for 20 years is to do professional line scratch and cooperation more than 500 salon clients, opened the body physiotherapy facial boxes and boxes, can achieve very good dredge, toning, the effect of plastic. Facial boxes have better go pouch black rim of the eye eye boxes and anti-aging countercurrent boxes, once there is a lift to reduce the effect of the appearance of fine lines. This is a very professional Dr R&d team carefully designed.
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