15 cheap makeup products that look surprisingly expensive

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-20
There\'s a lot about high-
Tail makeup: luxury packaging;
Fashion look of those brands
The color palette sitting on the dresser and the name of the tube; the trend-forward, high-
Premium tone and formula.
Of course, not all expensive cosmetics are at their prices, but for cosmetic masters with limited budgets, finding cheap repackaged products can be more challengingCreate High
The end feeling of the more expensive favorite.
Here, in who is wearing anything beautiful, we have made good use of our makeup snobbish,
The same $20 product as the highest standard
End the basics of our attempt, blush, mascaras, etc. The result?
List of 15 affordable makeup products-both brand-
New releases and attemptsand-true classics—
This price is only $1 but feels expensive due to packaging, color return, retention and color selection.
Continue to scroll through our choices.
Physician formula Health Foundation SPF 20 ($13)This holy-
Holy Grail Foundation studly packaging, geniusdoe-
The finished Price of foot applicator, blendable, staypower and satiny is three times the base.
It\'s Irene, our deputy editor.
She said it won her praise for the skin more than any luxury item.
Color pop jelly shadow ($8)
Colorurpop offers some of the most popular trends
The forward colors and formulas on the market make it look much more expensive than it is now.
Jelly, for example
Texture makeup is now at a huge moment and this affordable brand is already ahead of these super
Funny eye shadow from cutting
Marginal tones such as morning light, rose gold and Fox, shiny mustard.
L\'Oreal eyelashes Paradise Mascara ($10)
The beauty of this moment
Edit everything you want in your favorite mascara: an intensive brush that even covers every eyelash with a product to get something that doesn\'t crush or mess up your lashes
The packaging is also very cute (
It reminds people of a different cult.
$24 mascara).
Burt\'s bee matte lip crayons ($9)
Many of the celebrity makeup artists we \'ve interviewed have named this cruelty
The free, non-toxic option is one of all of them
Favorite lip products (
Pharmacy or not)
Fine wash for matte color.
17 collections of wet n wild brush rolls ($17)
Wet n Wild\'s brushes cost only $1 each and you will never guess that from their dense and soft synthetic bristles and chic pink --and-
White color scheme.
Eye shadow brush is my personal choice. tos.
I find myself closer to them than any of my high-priced options.
Nyx Professional Makeup HD Powder ($10)Another makeup-
Artist fave is the background powder of Nyx, It blur the pores, soften the fine lines and make up like the best high matchend powders.
Not to mention a little bit, so the $10 price tag is more of a steal.
Sony Kashuk triple train case wood edition cream ($22)
Not exactly a makeup product, but Sonya Kashuk\'s incredibly stylish make-up box deserves a shoutout.
Target has a lot of lovely styles to choose from.
I am also fascinated by this lovely lady print. E. l. f.
Jelly highlighter ($6)
More jelly makeupWhat can I say?
I have an opinion on the Dew y finish
From E. l. f.
Left the kind of glowing finish you might find in a $30 highlighter, for just six bucks.
Milani grilled blush ($8)
Milani\'s iconic baking blush recipe is one of the most popular recipes on the market for a reason --
That is, high-
Excellent gold packaging and super beautiful selection
Colorful matte and shiny shades including a gray-brown rose d\'Oro
Pink and bright shades.
Concentrated crayons (Maybelline Eyestudio)$6)
The makeup artist of Maybelline-belovedcolor tattoo cream shade can now be used in the form of a stick for easier application, and I am very fascinated, especially with its luxurious lavender shades.
Ardell black eyelashes ($5)
We can always find Ardell\'s playful words in the makeup artist\'s suit.
The flexible stripes and subtle jitter of eyelashes make it completely unnecessary to spend more than $5 on fake eyelashes.
Lulu PhotoReady concealer ($11)
The conceonce cream from Lucano can be said to be the best choice for you to make money.
This formula can be repeated.
Lasting, but not chalk.
Petra long fiber mascara Pixi ($16)It\'s an all-
Create a natural formula for asuper
A subtle extension
Esque effect separated from tons (
Read: never block).
It\'s also super waterproof, but it moves when you go to remove it.
Sephora selected Dragon-
Durable eye mask for 12 hours ($12)
Sephora Collection \'Sea View-to-
Use a flexible brush head and stay
A cat\'s eye can be made for only $12.
Spotlight lighting primer for physician formula ($13)This brand-
The new version of the Doctor\'s formula keeps the skin matte but not serious
Provide a ball
Like a glow all day.
It won\'t let your make-up pills on it either, a little bit of it goes a long way.
Do you have any more tips on cheap makeup?
Give them to me @ amand_montell!
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