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10 best glam eyeshadow palettes for 2019

10 best glam eyeshadow palettes for 2019


                                                                                   Every beauty lover needs to have a bright eye shadow palette in their collection.
At the same time have super
The wearable shades in our daily palette are a goal in itself, and we all have the need for amped-
The up version of our regular glasses.
This is the place to invest in the glam eye shadow palette.
Whether it\'s a deeper hue or a sparkling shimmer, certain palettes have amazing factors that make them more suitable for going out at night or special events.
There are so many amazing options right now that when choosing just one glam eyeshadow palette it\'s hard to know where to start.
Brands such as city recession, for example, are known for their stunning nude palette spins
Off, this is completely wild with beautiful settings.
In the first year of the release of the new bare palette, the brand sells every 5 seconds;
Considering the number of choices in the market, this is an incredible feat.
However, there are still a lot of iconic palettes for brands such as Lime Crime, Pat McGrath and hada beauty, which are also worthy of attention.
So how should you use which is the best for you?
Browse the edits below to pick the perfect glam eyeshadow palette for you.
The price point of this impressive palette may be prohibitive at first, but when you realize that there is a cool 18 shades in the product, you realize how valuable it actually is.
There are a lot of color combinations that need to be made from green to pink clay tones.
In addition, four finishes are provided: matte, metal, foil and pure rainbow colors.
Vegetarian food accounts for 100. £56 |Feel Unique |
Although the palette of Pat McGrath will bring you back to over £ 100, it is important to consider something.
First of all, these products are designed and formulated by the mother of makeup herself, which is already very valuable and exciting for a beauty lover.
Second, the texture is incredible;
Smooth and silky mix
Like a dream.
Third, look at those colors. Enough said. £115 |Selfridges |
Buy It Now.  The color palette is a beautiful phenomenon;
Every new person has achieved unparalleled success and excitement.
The main reason is that Huda contains amazing unique shades in her palette.
The desert Twilight is full of sparkling champagne, rich bronze and crimson, all of which work beautifully together.
The highlight must be \"cosmo \";
This is a pure glitter tone that is perfect for filming based on other colors. £56 |Cult Beauty |
Buy it now, although the original nude palette has been put on hold, there are still some good options in the nude franchise;
The most \"charming\" must be naked heat.
The works are gorgeous and rich in red, brown and bronze, and surprisingly they have not only the lining but also the sheer eye shadow. And —
Like the city\'s rotten eye shadow.
Each color has an unbeatable butter texture that blends together effortlessly. £42 |
Looks great.
Buy it now, and while it doesn\'t look like a traditional \"glamour\" palette, this MAKE by MAKE is perfect for low-key women who want to zoom in on her expressions from the office to the dance floor.
The color is lighter during the day, and the darker brown is perfect for later mixing to increase the depth.
It\'s also a great option to put your bag in your backpack
Due to its petite size and two other facial products, you can go out to work at night. £32 |Net-A-Porter |
Buy it now, Beverly asia Beverly Hills starts with the brow product, but her amazing eyeshadow palette can now be said to be something legendary.
The Norvina palette has purple-
The pink color scheme, along with a lot of sparkling shimmer, adds a touch of brilliance to any outfit.
If you want to make things rightdown, fear not;
Norvina also has some excellent matte neutral particles. £46 |Cult Beauty |
Buy it now, the four chickens in Charlotte Tilbury are perfect for creating a specific type of look, and the \"vintage\" option goes down the mysterious, smoked red and purple routes.
You can start with a light pink shade in the inner corner, then mix deeper colors and press some golden flash to finish.
Add a little.  Hi-
Red lip gloss and about 20 waves, you can go. £39 |
Charlotte Tilbury |
Buy it now, it\'s a beautiful and compact palette with some hardworking and versatile shades, a brilliant mid-term
You can choose the range when you need to treat, but you can\'t put too much cash.
Although the pale color and the darker brown color are great, the most obvious is the glittering rose gold \"boho\" shade. £29 |Boots |
Buy it now, it\'s an amazing palette that looks just as good outside as it is inside, its thin line wrap, one of four finishes for each color: velvet, satin and plum
High pigment powder means that each shadow lasts for a long time and the shadow has a long
Also put your eyes on, so the amount you pay with this will get a good deal. £40 |
Harvey Nichols |
Buy it now, and Zoeva offers a range of beautiful palettes, one of our favorite options --
In addition, it can be bought for less than £ 20.
With mattes, metallics, and shimmers, you\'ll get a wide variety of finishes with warm and comfortable shadow ranges but very stylish. £14 |Feel Unique |
Buy it now, and while the ultimate beauty lover should definitely consider splurging on the coveted Pat McGrath palette, the city decay naked hot palette and the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette are all great options
Although there are two different color schemes (
Warm, rich red and flashing purple, respectively)
, Both add so much to the table that it won\'t let you return the ugly money.
Jessica Reynolds ESBest product reviews are just, independent suggestions you can trust.
In some cases, we get revenue if you click on the link and buy the product, but we will never allow this to affect our coverage.
These comments are edited through a mix of expert opinions and real opinionsworld testing.                                                                            

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