1-2017 February social consumer goods and retail cosmetics, cosmetics factory tell you

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-17
On March 14, understands cosmetics factory processing plants, the National Bureau of Statistics released the 1-2017 Total retail sales of social consumer goods in February, the display during the period of China's total retail sales of cosmetics is 39. 3 billion yuan, increased 10. 6%, above the level of the whole social consumer goods retail sales growth, cosmetics retail 11 and compared with the same period last year. 1-4% growth, 2017 February cosmetics retail sales growth fell slightly.

, according to China's cosmetics network and the National Bureau of Statistics released online retail statistics: 1-2017 In February, 858 billion yuan, the online retail sales rose 31. 9%. 641. 9 billion yuan, among them, the physical goods online retail sales growth in 25. 5%, accounting for the proportion of total retail sales of social consumer goods is 11. 1%. Although the data are not directly show the relationship between the online retail and cosmetics retail, but the present situation of the obvious is the major cosmetics group are overweight online retail distribution, large online sales or to a certain extent, led to the growth of the cosmetics industry and retail as a whole.

although online sales have lower operating costs, the advantages of the coverage is wider, but cosmetics factory factory think in terms of cosmetic industry, entity retail experience is still irreplaceable.

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